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Peacemaking Insight #4 – Bill Wylie-Kellermann

Urban pastor Urban pastor and SCUPE faculty Bill Wylie-Kellermann talks about the Congress on Urban Ministry and how seminary students can get credit for attending through his Congress Course ‘Good News for the City’.

Bill Wylie-Kellermann Peacemaking Insight #4Bill is a United Methodist pastor who currently serves at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in the Corktown neighborhood of Detriot, MI.  He is a committed Christian activist, frequent contributor to Sojourners, and a theologian in the tradition of William Stringfellow and Walter Wink who specializes in the biblical concept of the Principalities and the Powers.

Bill Wylie-KellermannBill is the author of Seasons of Faith and Conscience (Orbis) which explores the biblical and theological bases for non-violent resistance and “liturgical direct action” and has edited an anthology, A Keeper of the Word: Selected Writings of William Stringfellow (Eerdmans).

For the previous decade he was Director of Graduate Theological Urban Studies at SCUPE in Chicago.  Recently he helped create Word and World, a floating movement school for faith-grounded activists.