2011 Congress SpeakersThe Congress on Urban Ministry is a biennial conference organized by SCUPE in partnership with organizations, agencies, and denominations doing urban ministry.  Over its 30 year history the Congress has proven itself as a premier, international gathering of hundreds of pastors, practitioners, academicians, students and people with a passion for social justice who come together to take part in educating, celebrating, and collaborating towards God’s reign in our cities. This diverse group of participants is committed to finding creative ways to prepare and resource individuals so that their ministries may better confront the issues and needs of their communities.

The upcoming Congress is scheduled for 2013 in Chicago.  Students, pastors, and community organizers engaged in and passionate about transformational urban ministry who attend often find this event to be the single most inclusive gathering of resources for ministry in the city.

Over the years, the Congress has hosted a truly incredible list of nationally renowned speakers as well various networking events, evening worship, site visits, and public direct actions that put theory into practice. There have also be opportunities for attendees to participate in art, prayer, concerts, and informal discussions with the presenters and the grassroots practitioners who make a real impact in their communities everyday.

Attendees have the opportunity to be challenged and inspired from nearly 50 workshops focusing on such topics as: asset-based community development, resisting economic violence, peacemaking with urban youth, restoring urban communities, faith-based public policy advocacy, urban & suburban partnerships, time-banking, immigration theology, hip-hop as a theological paradigm, and ecological peacemaking.

For more information on the Congress visit www.congressonurbanministry.org.

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