HB 148 Dies (for now)

Photograph by Thomas Chadwick for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

I just received this wonderful news from Mark Walsh over at ICPGV:

Hello Everyone:

Just wanted to let you know that the Illinois House adjourned today without calling HB 148 (concealed Carry).  As you may recall the bill failed to receive the necessary votes on May 5th and the sponsor put the bill on postponed consideration with the deadline extended to today. Since the bill wasn’t called and the deadline has not been further extended-the bill dies!!!!!

Again great work.  I hope everyone reached out to those no votes from the 5th to thank them for their efforts. I reattached the list of those folks voting no-if you haven’t please take a minute to call them and thank them for standing with us!!

The fight is not over and our work isn’t done-we’ll be working on our grassroots efforts in the coming weeks as session winds down and lawmakers are back in their districts. We’ll be sending updates on those efforts shortly.  Thanks again for all the work you do on this important issue. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Mark J. Walsh
Campaign Director
Illinois Campaign to
Prevent Gun Violence


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