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Let Father Pfleger stay at Saint Sabina

Walter's Perspective CBS Chicago Father Pfleger

Last night CBS Chicago aired a segment of Walter’s Perspective, with Walter Jacobson.  The segment addressed the recent consideration of Cardinal George and the Archdiocese of Chicago to remove Father Michael Pfleger from the Faith Community of Saint Sabina.

The move would go against the wishes of Father Pfleger, the wishes congregation itself, and, as Jacobson points out, the wishes of the the community Saint Sabina is a part of.  The wishes and vision of the community seem like an important perspective – one that is frequently ignored in a world of corporate driven paradigms for church leadership and hierarchy from outside and above.

Father Pfleger meets attendees at the 2011 Hallett Lecture

Fr. Pfleger meets attendees at the 2011 Hallett Lecture

As SCUPE has always had context driven theology at its core, this perspective of those in the context, is one we believe needs to be heard and taken into account.  Two night ago, before the Hallett Lecture at Loyola University, I walked across the street the the offices of the Archdiocesan offices and hand delivered two letters expressing this point from my personal perspective.  I hope that the Cardinal and church leadership will be open to the voice of the congregation, community, and the Spirit in their deliberation on the future of Father Pfleger and Saint Sabina.

Please consider lending your voice in support of Father Pfleger and Saint Sabina by writing to these two individuals:

Francis Cardinal George
Archdiocese of Chicago
835 North Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611
312-534-8219 Office
312-534-6379 Fax

Priest’s Placement Board
Archdiocese of Chicago
835 North Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611
312-534-5270 Office
312-534-5281 Fax

Show Some Love

This flyer just came across from the Faith Community of Saint Sabina. If you haven’t been following the situation in Chicago there is some talk of the Diocese moving Father Pfleger out of Saint Sabina. Both the congregation and Father Pfleger have expressed their desire that he remain. Please consider offering your support in one of the two ways mentioned in this flyer.

Let’s Give It Another Go

The 2011 Hallett Lecture has been rescheduled for Wednesday, March 23.

Don’t miss out on Father Michael Pfleger and Robert McClory, author of “Radical Disciple: Father Pfleger, St. Sabina Church, and the Fight for Social Justice”:

Michael Pfleger Hallett LectureMichael Pfleger Hallett Lecture

Letter from the Deputy Governor of Illinois

2011 Congress Anti-violence Vigil at Thompson Center

Minutes after the Congress concluded yesterday, we received a letter from the Deputy Governor of Illinois Ms. Cristal Thomas. It does not commit the Governor to oppose specific legislation such as “concealed carry” that is currently before the Illinois house, but at least acknowledges our visit. She re-states what she said to the delegation who visited her that the “Governor is fully committed to reducing violence in our state.” During the visit I said to her that those who propose “concealed carry” are also for reducing violence. The question is, whether he will reduce violence by reducing guns on our streets.

Still it is good to get an acknowledgment. But it is only the first step. Our work has just begun!

– Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhana

In Session

The 2011 Congress on Urban Ministry is