Early-bird Gets the Worm

To put it lightly, we’re keen on the group of speakers we’ve put together for the 2011 Congress on Urban Ministry.  We think they are the right people to lead us as we wrestle with the issues of violence that people in our communities face everyday.

2011 Congress on Urban Ministry speakers

It’s crucial to have speakers who can help us envision a way towards a more peaceful existence.  How far we are able to go in tackling these issues though, depends on who shows up.  How’s that saying go?  The one about decisions being made by the people who show up?

Will you join us on the path to peace?  We’re making it easier for those early-adapters out there to participate in the Congress.  While our registration costs are already heavily subsidized to keep them low, we understand the expense in travel and lodging and the commitment it takes to be a part of a 3 and a half day conference.  So, to help out a bit more, we’re offering an early-bird rate that is 25% off.  The last day to register at this rate is Monday, November 15.

While hopping on board now won’t guarantee you the best seats, it will guarantee you the best price.

Congress on Urban Ministry Early Bird


About urbancongress

The Congress on Urban Ministry is a biennial conference that explores faith, social justice, and urban ministry as we seek a spirituality and a way of life that actively creates peace. Students, pastors, and community organizers engaged in and passionate about peace, social justice, and transformational urban ministry who attend often find this event to be the single most inclusive gathering of resources for ministry in the city and beyond. View all posts by urbancongress

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